OhioDance inclusively supports the diverse and vibrant practice of dance of all cultures and for all capabilities.

Anti-Racism and Equity Assurance Resources

OhioDance supports the Black Lives Matter movement, Anti-Racism and Equity Assurance.

May 2020: Our national and global communities are responding to and demanding action toward injustices; dismantling racism and a white supremacy culture. OhioDance supports the Black Lives Matter movement and a promise for racial justice. OhioDance will continue our mission and commits to advocating for healthy organizational environments that do not tolerate harassment of any kind, racism, homophobia or abuse of power. United, we champion a just and equitable culture where individuals have supportive pathways to speak up.

OhioDance is dedicated to ensuring equity for all races, genders, orientations, and beliefs. OhioDance may take any actions deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees to further this commitment.

Actions: In response, OhioDance (OD) has developed an Anti-Racism and Equity Assurance Committee. The Anti-Racism and Equity Assurance Committee is dedicated to ensuring equity for all races, genders, orientations, and beliefs, related to constituents, members, partners and vendors. This committee will work with all OD’s committees: Development & Fundraising, Education & Engagement, Festival, Marketing and Membership to guarantee accountability.

Our efforts are intentional, inclusive and statewide in reach. OhioDance has developed a resource list to be shared with the community. Virtual sessions will be available soon and open to the general public.

Resources on Anti-Racism and Equity compiled by OhioDance (Click on this link to access the resource)

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