OhioDance is committed to secure the foothold of dance in Ohio through increasing visibility, firming viability, and elevating the position of dance in Ohio.


OhioDance Podcast “A State Of Dance”

Season 1, Ep 4

Arts Infrastructure, Ira Weiss


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Season One, Episode Four: This month’s guest is Ira Weiss. Ira began working at the Ohio Arts Council in 1974. He started as a performing arts coordinator, then presenting touring coordinator, grants office assistant director, to information technology specialist. In 1980 Ira Weiss received the Association of Ohio Dance Companies award for significant contributions to the field of dance in the state of Ohio. Ira was the second person to receive this award. The first was in 1979 to Josephine Schwartz, Founder of Dayton Ballet. OhioDance was established in 1976 in response to a request by the Ohio Arts Council that dance companies in the state organize to provide a coherent channel of communication to, and within, the dance field. Ira Weiss was the staff member of the Ohio Arts Council that helped to make this happen.

Host: Rodney Veal

Executive Producer: Jane D’Angelo

Editor and Audio Technician: Jessica Cavender

Music Composition: Matthew Peyton Dixon

“A State of Dance” is a six-part series coming out the fourth Friday of each month through November 2023.This podcast is driven by the OhioDance mission to secure the foothold of dance in Ohio through increasing visibility, firming viability, and elevating the position of dance in Ohio.

In 2016, a five-person team set out on a mission to capture the achievements of persons and institutions who have shaped the intricate diversity of dance history and practice within the state of Ohio and weave them together in an easily accessible digital format. This we call the OhioDance Virtual Dance Collection. As of 2023 we have highlighted 33 individuals and institutions. The team has traveled over 5000 miles and interviewed 100 individuals in all five regions of Ohio. In this second episode we interviewed Gregory Robinson, a performer, teacher, ballet master, and choreographer,with Dayton Ballet.  vdc.ohiodance.org.

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OhioDance would like to thank our funders: Ohio Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, The Ohio State University Dance Preservation Fund, The Greater Columbus Arts Council, Columbus Foundation and Akron Community Fund.

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