OhioDance inclusively supports the diverse and vibrant practice of dance of all cultures and for all capabilities.

Fiscal Agency

Using OhioDance as Your Fiscal Agent Will Serve You

  • OhioDance receives, records, and disburses tax-deductible donations and grant monies to the Artist.
  • OhioDance provides advisory and fiscal services to the Artist.
  • OhioDance refrains from making and imposing artistic decisions on the Artist’s project.
  • OhioDance leaves artistic control and proprietary rights exclusively to the Artist.
  • OhioDance supplies a copy of the funding agency’s services to the Artist.

How the Fiscal Agency Works

  • Artists apply for grants through OhioDance, a nonprofit organization.
  • OhioDance receives the grant monies and disburses them to the Artist.
  • OhioDance deducts 7.5% from the total payment to cover administrative costs.
  • Artists must use all grant monies exclusively on the contracted project and for the purpose specified by the funding agency.

Application Process

  • Applicant must be a current member of OhioDance.
  • Applicant must submit two examples of previous projects or resumes of the artists involved in the current project. This information will be kept on file in order to answer questions from the funding agency.
  • Applicant must meet with an OhioDance representative to discuss the project and the fiscal agency relationship and sign the contract.
  • Applicant must agree to credit OhioDance and the funding agency on all publicity, advertisement, and acknowledgments related to the project.
  • IMPORTANT: Applicant must contact OhioDance and apply for fiscal agency at least two months before the desired grant application is due.

For more information:

  • Jane D’Angelo, Executive Director
  • 77 S. High St., 2nd Floor
  • Columbus, OH 43215
  • phone: 614.224.2913
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