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DANCE MATTERS: Dancing with History

April 27 - 29, 2012

2012 OhioDance Festival and Conference

Co-sponsored by OhioDance and BalletMet Columbus
322 Mt. Vernon Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

As a moving art, dance is constantly changing with the times. Dance Matters: Dancing with History investigates the rich history of dance while exploring the legacy contemporary dance is now creating. From April 27 to 29, BalletMet Columbus was filled with master classes in contemporary, ballet, jazz, historical, world, and social dance forms and panel discussions addressing current dance trends. The event was conducted by dance professionals; special guests such as Dianne McIntyre, founder of Sounds in Motion. Sunday concluded the event with guest speaker Marika Molnar, the director of physical therapy services to the New York City Ballet and director of physical therapy services to the School of American Ballet in New York; a professional audition and a Wellness and Your Future in Dance Day, with session presenters from the OSU Sports Medicine program for performing arts.

On Friday, April 27, 2012 students from Columbus public schools; Arts Impact Middle School and Fort Hayes High School, Canton public schools, Thiossane West African Dance Institute and BalletMet Columbus participated in a Young Artists’ concert.

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 a “Moving Works” Showcase and award ceremony. This year, the OhioDance showcase of choreography “Moving Works” took on a new format. Selected Ohio choreographers participated in a mini residency. The chosen choreographers are: Demetrius Klein, Hamilton; Lindsay Caddle LaPointe, Keely Shaffer-Glenn, Chafin Seymour, Columbus; Alison Reny, Toledo; Alexandra Bodnarchuk, Athens. Dance students performing were from the Ohio State University Department of Dance; Ohio University School of Dance; and the Toledo School for the Arts. In addition will be special performances by invited guest artists, Times Past Vintage Dancers and SwingColumbus.

In memory of Maggie Patton, a dancer, choreographer, educator, OhioDance Board Member and longtime Columbus resident, OhioDance awarded the first monetary scholarship for an outstanding dance student. Other awards were presented to Dianne McIntyre, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the dance art form and Loren Bucek, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of dance education.

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