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Curriculum frames and supports the knowledge and understanding of educational process, experience and outcome. It provides the foundation for effectively achieving educational goals through its design, structure and implementation. In dance education, curriculum is a stimulus to both mind and body, encompassing academic and practical content.

Additional Curriculum Resources

Accelerated motion from Wesleyan University Press
a resource for working with 8-12th grades, there are teaching modules and primary source materials, both written and video.

Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts is an advocacy organization that provides a link to state and national arts education standards.
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Arts Education Partnership
Arts Education Partnership (AEP) “is a national coalition of arts, education, business, philanthropic and government organizations that demonstrates and promotes the essential role of the arts in the learning and development of every child and in the improvement of America’s schools.” AEP is a project of the Council of Chief State School Officers and offers several publications pertaining to assessment, advocacy and research that are available for downloading. Its State Arts Education Policy Database offers state by state search of 12 arts education topics.
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Arts For Learning
Arts For Learning is a teaching resource that indexes articles, workbooks, lesson plans and advocacy information.
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Education World
Education World is an electronic teaching resource that presents both state and national standards, resources in technology integration, professional development, administration, school issues, and lesson planning.
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The Ohio Department of Education (ODE)
Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website. The ODE website also offers the Instructional Management System (IMS), electronic access to the Standards, Benchmarks, Indicators and Lesson Plans for Dance Education. The standards are available for downloading as both PDF and MSWord Document files.
The National Arts Education Association (NAEA)
The National Arts Education Association (NAEA) has a page of curriculum and lesson plan links which “includes thematic lesson plans, activities, materials, themes and artists.”
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